Medellín – the city of eternal spring – is a modern jewel of a city from the outskirts that lap the sides of the valley inwards towards the sparkle of the bustling centre where everything moves a little faster. Feisty and charming, paisas are the lifeblood of the city and are proud of its recent spurt. Gorgeous streets are lined with flowers that have become the symbol of the rejuvenated city, and the valley within which it lies is a spectacle to behold. On the edges of the valley is the majestic Guatapé, Colombia’s most colourful town, situated among a breathtaking smattering of reservoirs.

What is incredible about Medellín is its rapid turnaround from murder capital of the world no more than 25 years ago to an innovative, optimistic, and increasingly sophisticated city. Progressive approaches to transport, social welfare, public spaces, and business have all propelled Colombia’s second city to a thriving hub of growth and development. Without knowing its grisly past, you wouldn’t expect it. Strong community ties and an embrace of modern technology and education are evident throughout and give Medellín a real sense of a promising future.


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