A mystical air flows through Peru, evoking a manner of sensations resembling awe at every turn. History seeps through the masonry of buildings everywhere you look and the landscapes can be nothing short of stunning. Peru is infused with Andean charm and spectacle, the vast range passing through the entire country from the northwest to the southeast. It provides a backdrop to some wonderful experiences and sights, and if the altitude doesn’t take your breath away, the landscapes will.

Regarding the altitude, it can affect travellers non-discriminately, with even the fittest of people suffering from time to time. The best way to combat altitude sickness is slowly acclimatising oneself to the environment, taking more time than you may believe necessary and taking things particularly easy upon arriving in locations at high altitude.

Your journey begins in Lima, an energetic city with world-class food and a rich cultural heritage. Transport links from here are excellent and the city provides a helpful transition into Andean culture.
Recommended time: 3 days

Huacachina is a rather unique town surrounded by dunes with a lake at the heart of it. Almost mirage-like in its appearance, its main activity is scaling the sand dunes – whether on a snowboard or on a hair-raising dune buggy ride.
Recommended time: 2 days

Huaraz is the base for a multitude of breathtaking treks set in the heart of the Andes, and offers a range of adrenaline-fuelled activities for the more intrepid of travellers.
Recommended time: 4 days

For beach bums, Mancora offers a peaceful haven where the food is wonderful and the surfing is fantastic year-round. White sands and shimmering blue sea provide the setting for a restful lull in this action-packed itinerary.
Recommended time: 4 days

Cusco is first and foremost the base from which you will no doubt be exploring Machu Picchu, although the city has a lot to offer in other realms of pleasure. The food is exceptional and the Inca traditions are on full display.
Recommended time: 2 days

Machu Picchu remains the principal attraction of not just Peru but perhaps Latin America, and rightly so. As always with the planet’s most spectacular sites, it must be seen to do itself justice. It remains the most important archaeological feature in the country and offers an elucidating window into a mighty civilisation of the past.
Recommended time: 5 days

After Cusco a trip to the magnificent Lake Titicaca beckons. The largest lake in South America and the highest in the world, there is a soothing air that envelops you in this awe-inspiring setting. Visit the Uros islands to witness a tribe of peoples belonging to a civilisation who live off the land (and the water) in the same manner as they have done for aeons.
Recommended time: 2 days

Arequipa – the white city – is a charming and remote city that can be used as a springboard for numerous activities, including scaling the magnificent El Misti volcano, the thermal baths at Chivay, and of course Cañon de Colca – a majestic and mystical wonder, plunging 3,270m deep. Twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, it provides a home for the equally majestic Andean Condors.
Recommended time: 5 days

Return for Lima and contemplate a journey brimful of adventure, culture, and memorable experiences.
Total recommended time: 27 days

This delightful Latin flavour beguiles in its simplicity and can be found all over Peru, although more prominently in coastal regions. As globalisation has made the world a smaller place you may have encountered it outside of Peru, however nothing beats the locally made style in an authentic atmosphere.

These amusing creatures are goofy, unfazed, and above all highly practical in Peruvian culture. Their wool is cultivated for an array of uses and their meat is stewed, braised, and grilled from the Andean peaks all the way down to the coast. The Machu Picchu herd are perhaps the most photographed animals on the planet and symbolise the country with a backdrop of the magnificent archaeological site.

If you are an outdoors person, few countries on Earth can offer what Peru has to offer in terms of outdoor activities. The spectacular Andes range is scattered with magnificent routes embellished by shimmering vitreous lakes and titanic glaciers. The Inca trail incorporating Machu Picchu is one of the most important treks in the world and includes some of the most impressive scenery Peru has to offer.


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