A country of extraordinary diversity perched at the gateway between Central and South America promises to entrance you with its natural beauty and its people’s charm. From the sticky Caribbean coast in the north, to the cooler coffee growing regions in the centre, to the Andean chain that bisects the country and continues down through the rest of this magnificent continent.

A fractious history – especially in recent years – has somewhat tarnished the reputation of this beautiful country. Most infamously known for Pablo Escobar and his global cocaine trade, the general outlook of the nation is far more positive now than it has been in recent history. Whilst some still would associate Colombia with turmoil, danger, and drugs, today’s Colombia is thriving in a number of industries and is present at the forefront of Latin America’s technological wave of development.


Begin your Colombian quest in the capital of Bogotá, experience the hustle and bustle and sample cuisine unrivalled in the country.
Recommended time: 4 days

Head north to San Gil and prepare yourself for a swathe of white-knuckle activities.
Recommended time: 3 days

Slow right down and appreciate the Caribbean charms of the north coast of Colombia. Santa Marta can be used as a base for trips to quaint Palomino, hilly Minca, and the magical Tayrona park.
Recommended time: 7 days

Cartagena is a must-see on any itinerary. Its charms are timeless and inspiring, capturing both a bygone era and modern day Colombia.
Recommended time: 3 days

Achingly cool Medellin is the rising star of this exciting country. Known for its beautiful weather and residents, it also offers an array of great activities and attractions.
Recommended time: 3 days

The mystical coffee region (Manizales, Pereira, Salento) lends us an eye to the country’s traditions and history. Natural beauty is in abundance here, especially in the awesome Valle de Cocora.
Recommended time: 3 days

Return to Bogotá for your return journey and thank Colombia for a magical time.
Total recommended time: 23 days

Colombia’s national spirit – “fire water” – is a national pastime in itself. Used to celebrate, commemorate, or simply pass the evenings away with friends, it is not uncommon to see this anise-flavoured liqueur being knocked back outside every bar you encounter, by youngsters and senior citizens alike.

Although there has been precious little international success, football remains a passion for a huge number of the population. Attending a game can be an assault to the senses, and the crowds are often made up of an equal number of men and women. The best players are national heroes and it’s a sure-fire way to initiate a conversation with the hordes of taxi drivers that you will most likely encounter during your stay.

Another national pastime, salsa dancing is ubiquitous across the country. You can barely travel a block without hearing the latest reggaeton tracks, but Colombians really come into their own in the salsa bars, where you are unlikely to see a malcoordinated local. A wonderful ice-breaker, they are always happy to see a westerner try their hand.


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